Learning Paths School welcomes all students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, who demonstrate a desire to continuously learn and grow. The school offers a nurturing environment that fosters sharp learning skills and a 21st century curriculum that offers the best in education.

Admissions are open throughout the year, but are subject to the availability of seats. As the academic year commences in April, maximum enrolments take place in the month Jan-Feb.

We advise that you plan and complete the admission process of your child in advance to avoid this rush period. Please note that the Admissions Team starts reviewing applications for new admissions from January every year.

In order to take your interest in admission forward, we encourage you to make an appointment with our Admission Counsellor and visit our campus.Our Admission Counsellor looks forward to welcoming you to our campus for a tour and will also provide details about the school, academic curriculum, and curricular and extracurricular activities.

Grade 11: Science (Medical & Non-Medical), Commerce & Humanities


Learning Paths School invites registrations for admission in Grade XI in Commerce, Science & Humanities stream with the following subjects being offered:


English | Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics OR Biology | Physical Education OR Informatics Practices Or Legal Studies

The school can give the option of choosing 5th subject from commerce and humanities for science students also provided certain conditions are met. Students choosing Biology can also choose Mathematics as the 6th subject provided certain conditions are met.


English | Accounts or Entrepreneurship | Business Studies | Economics | Physical Education OR Informatics Practices OR Applied Mathematics OR Legal Studies


English | Economics  or Fine Arts | Political Science | Psychology  or Sociology | Physical Education OR Informatics Practices OR Applied Mathematics Or Legal Studies

The school has options for History or Geography subjects provided a sufficient number of students are available.

Note: Students may choose any one stream of their choice. Each stream comprises a total of 5 subjects. Students have an option the 5th Subject to choose any one subject out of the above-mentioned subject combination. The school reserves the right to drop any subject from the optional subjects if the requisite no of students is not available.  Students should contact the school admission office for a discussion on the choice of subjects.

Admission Procedure


Students seeking admission should have completed 10 years of education from a recognized school and attained the minimum percentage decided by school authorities for various streams.


Registration forms are available from the school’s admission office w.e.f Feb 1st . A duly filled registration form must be submitted for consideration along with the class X pre-board result.

Entrance Test / Interview

Students who qualify above the minimum admission cut-off set by the school for admission in various streams will require an interview to take the admission process forward. Students who do not qualify as the minimum cut-off set by the school for each stream will be required to take the admission test and interview. The admission test will consist of basic-level questions from Arithmetic, English, General Science and General knowledge (conducted after board examinations). The Vice Principal ( Senior Secondary Wing) will conduct the interview with parents and students.  School is within its right to relax the cut-off marks for students who have extra achievements in co-curricular areas. 


Admission results will be announced soon after the interview.

Admission Test Syllabus

English : Reading Comprehension | Gap filling/ Sentence completion.

Quantitative Aptitude : Commercial Mathematics( Percentage, Profit ,loss, Discount ) | Conversion from Indian to International Numeration and vice-versa | Statistics( Mean / Average ) | Numerical Ability

Mathematics : Real Numbers | Arithmetic Progression | Surface Areas & Volumes( only formulae) | Statistics & Probability | Simple Trigonometry( values of standard angles)

General Science

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Documents checklist

Copies of the following documents must be submitted at the time of admission

  • Attested Copy of S.A.I/Pre Board Result of Class X/ Final Result of Class X/Final Result of Class 9th
  • Four latest passport size photograph of the student with the name and DOB written clearly on the reverse.
  • Attested photocopy of birth certificate
  • Self attested residence proof
  • Student’s Aadhar Card
  • Parents Identity Proof
  • Medical Report Form


  • The submission of registration form is not a guarantee of admission. Admissions are governed on the basis of written test, Interview along with the percentage criteria decided by school authorities for various streams
  • Applications will be considered for admission on first-come first served basis.
  • All admissions to Class XI will be given on Provisional basis till the declaration of X Class result. Admission will be CONFIRMED after the student submits the original mark sheets, character certificate and Transfer certificate on or before 15th July.
  • The classes will start 25th April 2023
  • Student’s Aadhar Card
  • Parents Identity Proof
  • Medical Report Form

Disclaimer : Learning Paths School, Mohali is not affiliated and/or associated, directly or indirectly with any other school and/or educational institute using the word 'Learning' as a part of its name. Any solicitation or attempt of such association with Learning Paths School by any party is illegal and should be reported at