Commerce @ LPS wishes to be the veritable proof of a commerce high school that engages students to imbibe commerce in a manner that eventually allows them not only to excel in Academics but also to comprehend the ways of the industry. In doing so, the added emphasis is also on the commerce student being able to unravel their unique personalized view of commerce, given their individual work motivations.
LPS has adopted AGILE® Personalization Framework for its commerce program.


Professional Capability | Intervention to sharpen

  • Analysis
  • Communication, Language and Presentation
  • Problem solving

Professional Capacity

  • Intervention to provide students with ‘sense of self ‘
  • Definition, analysis, structuring and decision making abilities
  • Comprehension, presentation and communication abilties (spoken and written)
  • Group and people management abilities
  • Being professional(person and presentation)

Ability to impact

  • Through ability to develop perspective
  • Through ability to develop purpose
  • Through ability to connect purpose and perpective

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