The Humanities program at Learning Paths School enables students to pursue areas about which they are passionate while gaining relevant and valuable career skills for life, and explore the human experiences to advance knowledge and skills.
The LPS Humanities student, through the 2-year immersion, should be able to discover their sense-of-purpose in having engaged with the Humanities program.

Having discovered their sense-of-purpose, they should be able to arrive at their first level map of paths / pathways

  • leading through professions
  • roles within organizations / institutions
  • organizations / institutions that are part of industry else a larger macro-economic system

The experience is personalized to respond to individual growth gaps, through As-Is and To-Be, 2-year perspective, Individual Student Dashboards, and expects parental participation in aspiration management and attainment.

LPS has adopted AGILE® Personalization Framework for its Humanities program.

Subjects offered in Humanities:

  • English (Core)
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Physical Education/ Mathematics/Legal Studies/Informatics Practices / Fine Arts

Click here to view the AGILE® Personalization Framework  & the AGILE® Personalization Approach for Humanities.

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