In today’s scenario where times and issues have changed and affected the way we think, live and work, a student’s experience of a school life can’t be left limited to purely academic activities and doing well in the examination. With an alarming increase in proportion of unemployable graduates across majority of the industries, it’s high time that we realise sooner than later that we need to change drastically the way we educate our children, else, we will remain in the business of producing redundant students. In an attempt to connect senior secondary school curriculum with industry experience, Learning Paths School has initiated an Annual Inter-School Business Congregation, named as ‘LPS Business Conclave’ – a platform for students wherein they face real-life challenges by participating in variety of competitions,which help them to identify their passion and chalk out a path to achieve their goal of life. It also enables them to test their creativity, business acumen and entrepreneurial attitude.

WorQ – Inter-School Business and Workplace Quiz:

The Inter School Business Quiz will test the business acumen, aptitude and attitude with a sparkle of humor and wit. The quiz will test students’ knowledge on almost every aspect of corporate world both national and international including Business History, Personalities, Logos, Punchlines/Taglines, Brands, History, Inventions, Current affairs etc. with special emphasis on knowledge of professional world, work places and work readiness. The teams will have to appear in preliminary rounds, testing the students’ knowledge on numerous professions, skills, etiquettes and work culture in corporate sector, in order to qualify for the final stage.

Let’s Start Up – Business Plan Competition

The business plan competition is for creative individuals with business flair. It’s an opportunity to turn ideas into innovative products or services. Participants must have a brilliant business idea about a product or service, which must be under one of the sub-themes: Health, Lifestyle, Environment, Food wastage or Business social responsibility. The team submission must include a one-page executive summary of business plan and a business plan with a maximum of 10 pages. The business plan should beinnovative and creative, technologically feasible, financially viable and clear in its organizational and management structure

IntellecVIEW – A Seminar – Writing and Presenting ‘Point of View Paper

The participants are required to write (no word limit) an essay/narrative that presents an opinion about an issue or a situation related to business and economics. Point of View papers in academics enable discussion on emerging topics with the help of research. The point of view paper should substantiate the opinions or positions put forward with evidence by the participants regarding the topic. The POV can be in terms of first person, second person or third person.

Grahak Jagran – A Skit to educate on Consumer rights.

The teams will showcase their ability to educate general public about consumer rights awareness through a skit of not more 3 minutes. The skit should be able to cover six basic rights of the consumer. The skit should be overall creative, innovative, humorous and impactful. The teams should bring their own props, musical instruments or dress material required for their skits.

Tol Mol Ke Bol – An Infomercial

All the teams will be provided with material/non-material things on which they will be required to create an infomercial. The duration of infomercial should not be more than 3 minutes. The teams will have an opportunity to showcase and explore the impromptu thought process, decision making abilities, creativity and vision towards marketing and selling techniques. Each team will be provided one-hour time to prepare the infomercial and present it in front of the audience on stage. The teams are allowed to use props and any musical instruments to add flavor to their infomercial. The infomercial should be humorous, creative and should have a market appeal.

ADVAD – Advertisement Poster Making

The teams will be required to create print advertisement via sketch, draw or paint on a sheet of chart paper size. The theme/product/service will be intimated to the participants on the spot. They will be given 6 hours to complete the poster. The ad posters should have a solid concept, creative design, and unique idea. The content should not be offensive to any person or organization.

Express to Impress – Commercial Video Presentation

Each team will prepare a commercial video on any product or service dealing with issues related to Health, Lifestyle, Environment, Food Wastage or Business Social Responsibility. The presentation should grab the viewers’ attention and spotlight the company’s product or service.. The commercial should have relevant content, clarity of message and effective delivery style and to top it all, it should be creative and convincing. Each commercial must end with one effective punchline. The commercial should be uploaded on the site provided by Learning Paths School. The site link will be shared after team’s registration. The LPS will post the submitted commercials publicly on the Facebook Page, where a public voting based on ‘likes’ will be conducted. The team which obtains the most ‘likes’ on Facebook will win the competition.

Corporate Roadies – Work Readiness Skills Demonstration

Each individual participant will be tested for their Career Readiness & Employability Skills. Each participant will have to indicate their professional interest which they are keen to pursue in the future and will have to go through the various stages of recruitment process. The participants will submit their resume, appear for written test, participate in some other activities to demonstrate their communication skills, ability to work in a team, leadership skills, problem solving, analytical and technical skills and finally will appear for the interview and personality test.

Business Titan Challenge – An Online Business Simulation Game

This competition is a great opportunity for the students to get a feel of running a business by acting as Chief Executing Officers of a virtual business and compete in an open market. An online program that allows the teams of high school students to act as chief executive officers of virtual manufacturing companies and compete to earn the highest performance index. The teams are prompted to make decisions that affect the profitability and sustainability of their virtual company and attempt to outperform their competitors in profit, sales, and market share. They set prices, determine production levels, invest capital in their facilities, plan marketing and research, and designate contributions to charities. The team with highest performance index will win the competition. For further details about the game the teams can go to link to understand how it is played.



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