Student Activities


Industry interaction is an integral part of Commerce, Humanities and Science Program at LPS. Students must be familiarized with the vast range of career options available for them in the various industries. Therefore, the school invites professionals and industry experts to conduct guest lectures, seminars and workshops and expose students to the real-world life experiences. Also, students are made to visit the different sectors (Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Accommodation, Food & Beverage, Tourism, Entertainment etc.) of the industry to gain a valuable insight of the profession, jobs and skills.


Learning is a scientific process and no learning is complete without Science. Scientific attitude has always been in the DNA of Learning Paths School. From winning multiple prizes at the National as well as International levels to providing scientific solutions at the root levels, students of Learning Paths School have done it all. The school is equipped with ‘Atal Tinkering Lab’ which gives an enhanced exposure to students to ideate as well as build prototypes which in turn acts as building blocks to great scientific discoveries. Students have complete access to Robotics, 3-D printing, Mechanical and electronic equipment. The School is running a very successful Robotics and STEM Club programme which is mentored by experienced professionals. The students have bagged awards in the IRIS, Children Science Congress, CBSE Science Exhibition, INSPIRE awards, FLL and many more competitions year after year. The main objective of the School has never been winning prizes at various levels instead the focus has always been to inculcate Scientific attitude amongst students so that they can help the community in multiple ways.


Summer Internship Program are organized for Psychology students on Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, at Fortis Healthcare, Mohali. The internship program provides an opportunity to students to learn more about the specific domains of their interest. The program is offered to students to introduce them to contemporary themes that have potential to be developed into career paths, and provide value in terms of skills and knowledge required to enhance ‘life skills’ in general. The internship programmes are currently being focused on Hospitality and Tourism industry to provide a real world perspective to the students in the field of exploring food and culinary skills, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability at farms etc.


As a part of the AGILE framework, the school organizes multi-faceted events to enable the students to identify their potential and strengths and link the same to their preferred profession. These events will lead students to the path of career discovery, skill development and future readiness entailing sharing of industry insights into careers, courses and colleges and what it takes to build a successful career. Through its psychometric tests, personalized career counseling sessions with both parents and students and various student oriented activities like formal summer internship and job-shadowing programme , the school embarks students on a self-introspection journey and bridges the gap between ‘As is-To be’ under AGILE@Personalisation framework.

Quiz Events

Learning Paths School Quiz events are the most sought after event of the school. It is witnessed by a spirited audience, cheering up for their house/ school teams and also enjoying being part of audience questions.The Quiz is conducted annually by the Quiz Master – Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed ( Dean ).The students were tested with their knowledge of their current affairs, personalities, brands, punch lines, history of business & Economic world.


Engaging students in community service project is a great way to involve them with their community and to provide them with the opportunity to become active members in serving their community. The students are divided into groups to choose one issue/problem faced by local community and develop a project to provide solutions for the same. This will also enable students to leave a long lasting and positive impact on society at large. Community service enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most.


Students are encouraged to actively participate in fun-filled enrichment activities like lateral thinking, team building and problem solving activities that inculcate the ability to think out of box amongst the students and develops the ability to solve real life problems.


Under work readiness and skill development activity, students are tested for their career readiness and employability skills. Each student specifies profession interest, which they are looking to pursue in future. Each student goes through the various stages of the recruitment process which a company conducts to choose a right candidate for a job. All students submit their curriculum vitae, appear for written test, and participate in some activities to demonstrate their communication skills, ability to work in a team, leadership, problem solving, analytical and technical skills and finally appearing for interview and personality test.


The simulation game utilizes JA Titan®***, ( an online program based on JA’s Management and Economic Simulation software that allows students to act as chief executive officers of virtual manufacturing companies and compete to earn the highest performance index. The teams are prompted to make decisions that affect the profitability and sustainability of their virtual company and attempt to outperform their competitors in profit, sales, and market share. They set prices, determine production levels, invest capital in their facilities, plan marketing, and research, and designate contributions to charities. The main objective is to assess student’s business decision making abilities and their ability to manage inter-dependencies between business functions.


The competition is JA Worldwide’s annual celebration of the achievements of JA Company Program Students. JA Asia Pacific, the Regional Operating Centre of JA Worldwide, is the organizer of the competition in the Asia Pacific region. In the event, JA companies proudly present the results of the enterprise and learning experience. They appear before a panel of Judges who determine company performance against the awards criteria as compared with other JA Companies. In year 2017, Learning Paths School Class XI Commerce students represented their company Helper’s Hague in JA Asia Pacific Company of the Year Award competition held at Tokyo, Japan. In year 2018, Class XI Commerce students represented their student Company Euphoria in the same competition held at Beijing, China in the month of March. This year too, four students have been invited to participate in the same competition to be held in Philippines in the month of March 2019.


CISV International (Children’s International Summer Village) is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation, and understanding. It provides an opportunity to students to learn about how each country has unique traditions, language, cultures and issues. The camps organized by the CISV are attended by delegates from various countries from around the world. The integral aspects of these camps is to assist the participants develop skills they need to become informed, responsible and active global citizens that they may go ahead in their lives to bring about a difference in their communities and the world and develop a wider perspective. In March 2018, Pahul and Prarthna Bhambri of Class XI were a part of a CISV camp at Philippines.  Arshdeep Singh of Class X attended a camp in June and Aditi Khare and Apurva Dhiman of Class XI attended a camp hosted by the Chandigarh chapter in December.


The JA Youth Success Summit (formerly Next Generation Leaders Forum) is a week-long transformational event that provides a unique opportunity for students to meet and network with the JA student community and collaborate with their global peers to respond to a real-world business challenge. Students from across the globe will connect with experts from business and academia to develop new perspectives, ideas, and skill-sets during this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity. The experience is a unique blend of personal growth, practical experience and confidence Building. Delegates face real business challenges and develop strategies in collaboration with their global peers, university faculty, and industry volunteers. In year 2018, four students Saanuj Jain, Gurveena Mahal, Jahanvi Garg and Aryan Sahoo represented Learning Paths School at this prestigious event held at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario. In year 2019, The students who are part of JA Student Company Program are eligible to participate in this event. In year 2019 ,five students, Raghav Sharma, Aditya Mandal, Rajbir Singh, Gurkamalpreet Singh and Aryan Kohli of Learning Paths School participated in global conference for young entrepreneurs held at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada, from 21-26 August 2019.

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