Student Activities


Industry interaction is an integral part of Commerce & Humanities Program. Students must be familiarized with the vast range of career options available for them in the various industries. Therefore, the school invites professionals and industry experts to conduct guest lectures, seminars and workshops and expose students to the real-world life experiences. Also, students are made to visit the different sectors (Manufacturing, Accommodation, Food & Beverage, Tourism, Entertainment etc.) of the industry to gain a valuable insight of the profession, jobs and skills.


Summer Internship Program for Psychology students on Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, at Fortis Healthcare, Mohali. The internship program provides an opportunity to students to learn more about the specific domains of their interest. The program is offered to students to introduce them to contemporary themes that have potential to be developed into career paths, and provide value in terms of skills and knowledge required to enhance ‘life skills’ in general. The internship programmes are currently being focused on Hospitality and Tourism industry to provide a real world perspective to the students in the field of exploring food and culinary skills, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability at farms etc.


In collaboration with Spark Careers Mentors, Learning Paths School, Mohali, has initiated ‘SHAPE THE FUTURE PROGRAM’ for students of Class XI (Commerce & Humanities). The duration of the program is 60 Hours stretched over the period of two years. The School has appointed a highly skilled strategic business leader – Mr. Jasmeet Ghuman (Director – Sparks Career Mentor) with almost 30 years of multifaceted experience across Corporate, Marketing & HR functions – for conducting sessions at predefined intervals. The program will lead students to the path of career discovery, skill development and future readiness entailing sharing of corporate insights into careers, courses and colleges and what it takes to builds a successful career.

Point of View Papers (POV)

In Point of View Papers, each student is required to submit at least one essay/narrative in a year for each subject. The paper should present their opinion about an issue or matter or concern or situation etc. related to the subject. POV paper enables discussion on emerging topics with help of research. Students substantiate their opinion or positions put forward with factual evidences that are usually demonstrated by the help of interesting PPTs. After the presentation of paper, each student undergoes the grilling Q&A round to evaluate their knowledge and research work done on the given topic.


Engaging students in community service project is a great way to involve them with their community and to provide them with the opportunity to become active members in serving their community. The students are divided into groups to choose one issue/problem faced by local community and develop a project to provide solutions for the same. This will also enable students to leave a long lasting and positive impact on society at large. Community service enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most.


Students are encouraged to actively participate in fun-filled enrichment activities like lateral thinking, team building and problem solving activities that inculcate the ability to think out of box amongst the students and develops the ability to solve business problems. Students are also encouraged to participate in Humanities Enrichment Activity ‘SchooliSansad’ in order to understand the parliamentary procedure. In this session, students divide themselves into three political parties named Satyavaan, Inquilab, Swaraj and draft a party agenda and manifesto. Each political party is given a chance to express its opinion on various public issues. Students are also taught about the value of rules for conducting any discussion systematically and effectively.


Under work readiness and skill development activity, students are tested for their career readiness and employability skills. Each student specifies profession interest, which they are looking to pursue in future. Each student goes through the various stages of the recruitment process which a company conducts to choose a right candidate for a job. All students submit their curriculum vitae, appear for written test, and participate in some activities to demonstrate their communication skills, ability to work in a team, leadership, problem solving, analytical and technical skills and finally appearing for interview and personality test.


The simulation game utilizes JA Titan®***, ( an online program based on JA’s Management and Economic Simulation software that allows students to act as chief executive officers of virtual manufacturing companies and compete to earn the highest performance index. The teams are prompted to make decisions that affect the profitability and sustainability of their virtual company and attempt to outperform their competitors in profit, sales, and market share. They set prices, determine production levels, invest capital in their facilities, plan marketing, and research, and designate contributions to charities. The main objective is to assess student’s business decision making abilities and their ability to manage inter-dependencies between business functions.

Work & Life Skills Program

As a part of the AGILE framework, the school initiated a Work and Life Skills Program for both students and teachers of Commerce and Humanities Department. This program enables the students to identify their potential and strengths and link the same to their preferred profession. The program provides a broad coverage on topics like Effective Presentation, Business etiquettes, Grooming, Team work, Anger Management etc which helps to expose our Young Adults (students) to the reality of work life. The duration of the program is 30 hours stretched over a period of two years. The school has appointed a highly skilled HR professional, Mrs. Prerna Kalra, Founder – Open Hand Solutions for conducting Work Place Skills program.

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