Learning Paths Student’s First Venture – Helper’s Hague

Over a six-seven month period, JA Student Company Program at Learning Paths School, teaches class 11-12 students of Commerce on how to organize and operate a real business. Volunteers from the local business community also work with students to launch and run a small enterprise. This gives students the real-world skills and experience that they need to achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

HELPER’S HAGUE JA Student Company is established by the class XI Commerce students of Learning Paths School, Mohali, which deals in manufacturing and sale of Load carrier. The Company intends to provide light, comfortable, and strong Load Carrier product which can really make the life of people carrying heavy load more comfortable.

The Company is owned by its shareholders, which comprises of students and staff of Learning Paths School, Mohali. The Class XI students acts as promoters and have the power to appoint Board of Directors on behalf of the shareholders. Collected a share capital of Rs. 12,000 by issuing shares of Rs.10 each to the students and staff of the Learning Paths School, the Company target to earn total sales revenue of Rs. 2,50,000 and a net profit of Rs.91,000 in its 3 months of operation. It aims to give a dividend of Rs. 50 per share to its shareholders i.e 500% on shareholders’ investment.or this,Company targets to produce and sell approximately 100 units of Load Carrier called ‘Cool-E’. The

Company is still in progress, and has already earned a Revenue of Rs. 40,000 through sale of ‘Cool-E’ .

  • “We study business in classroom but learn and experience by establishing, operating and managing a real business.”
    Joshua Johnson (CEO)
  • “Business is marketing and marketing is all about understanding your customers”
    Jotpreet Singh (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • “I feel managing people is the most difficult task and key to the success of the business”
    Surbhi Choudhary (HR Manager)
  • “The greatest satisfaction is derived when you convert your imagination into reality.”
    Shivam Dhawan (Chief Production Officer)
  • “You want to understand the importance of Accounting and Finance in running a business, Ask Me.”
    Imroz Sachdeva (Chief Financial Officer)

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