why humanities?

Students graduating from humanities streams are equipped with transferable skills that are relevant and valuable to many careers. They may find employment, for example, in communication industries, community relations, journalism, cultural policy, management and administration, education, publishing, public service, multimedia design, creative and cultural industries, politics, social justice & human rights.

humanities @ learning paths school

The Humanities stream at Learning Paths School enables students to pursue areas about which they are passionate while gaining relevant and valuable career skills for life, and explore the human experiences to advance knowledge and skills. The Humanities @LPS stream promotes

  • 1. Critical thinking
  • 2. Community engagement and creative practices
  • 3. Provides the scope to build strong intellectual capabilities

In addition to the command of their chosen disciplines, students develop cultural awareness, intellectual rigor, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills. This benefits their future workplaces, whether they choose to work in service to the public, in business organizations, in education, as a writer or cultural producer, or to build their career in another field. As a strong and innovative method of teaching and learning, the LPS Humanities program foster individual intellectual in response to a rapidly changing world and enables students to demonstrate their capabilities with the relevant skills for work and leadership by engaging the learner in exploring the contemporary global issues.

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