Leadership Workshop

August 30, 2016

Learning Paths school conducts a highly interactive Leadership workshop every year. The resource speaker for these workshops is Mr. Venkat Matoory, CEO JA India, and Senior Director, India Enterprise Network, JA Worldwide. A large number of students and faculties of different schools across the north region participated in the Leadership workshop organized in the school auditorium. Few of the prominent schools which participated with a lot of enthusiasm in the event were:

 The workshop-“STUDENTS AND INDUSTRY-ADVANCING ASPIRATION & REASON, DILIGENCE & SENSE (STANDARDS).The speaker emphasised on the theme that the journey of leadership is a fascinating one. He encouraged the students by saying that each person can grow up to become a great leader, but sometimes people fail to realise who they really are and what exactly they are meant to be.

Children were made to think that tomorrow’s leadership is based on vision and shared values and leadership is nothing but extending your dream to the dreams of others. Further, leadership begins when one stops working for oneself and works for the excellence of one’s team. In the workshop, it was reiterated that what we believe is what we become. Concept of self and achievement in the context of leadership were explained to decipher future objectives. It was also emphasised that positivism of our thoughts can overcome the negativity in our environment.

The three days session focuses on gaining clarity on the concepts of self and mapping of achievements. The students get enthusiastically engaged with lateral thinking activities, inspiring videos and fun-filled games.

Leadership workshops are a real eye-opener for students as it provokes them to think, ‘what you want to solve with what you want to be’ in the context of today’s globalized world which is facing a lot of social, economic and environmental issues. Students get an opportunity to clarify their doubts regarding their future goals and the connection they need to establish between their interest area and life goals. Students learnt that ‘Being oneself’ is the key to find out what one really wants to do.

The schools that took part in the workshop are:

  • St. John’s (Chandigarh)
  • Spring Dales(Amritsar)
  • DPS (Chandigarh)
  • Ryan International (Chandigarh)
  • Bhawan Vidayalaya (Panchkula)
  • Vivek High School (Chandigarh)
  • Dikshant International (Zirakpur)
  • St. Kabir  School(Chandigarh)
  • Caramel Convent (Chandigarh)
  • Doon International (Mohali)
  • Chitkara International (Chandigarh)
  • Soldier’s Divine Public School (Panchkula)


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