Learning Paths School organised the fourth edition of “LPS Business Conclave 2020” the Annual Inter-School Business Congregation. Though the coronavirus pandemic had undeniably changed this annual mega event, but it still continued as planned, just in a new, digital-only format and giving students the chance to showcase their talents virtually.

This year the conclave was accomplished over a period of two months. To begin with, the first competition was held on 13-14 th August i.e., Corporate Roadies Competition. In this Competition each participant was tested for his Career Readiness & Employability Skills. The participants were asked to indicate their professional interest, which they are looking to pursue in their future and had to go through the various stages of recruitment process.

The second competition was held on 29 th August i.e., IntellecVIEW: Point of view (POV) Competition. In this competition individual participants were required to write (no word limit) an essay/ narrative that present an opinion about an issue or matter or concern or situation etc.

The third competition in this edition was Let’s Start Up: Business Plan Competition and was held on 26 th September, 2020. In this competition participants had to prepare and present business plan of the ideas (products/services) which they could see as opportunities coming out of the Pandemic.

The students of classes X, XI and XII from various schools across the Northern India fought it out in these competitions.


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